BEAT DROP – the impulse that leads to success.  


Step 1 Strategy

Together with you, we develop holistic strategies, using various methods such as the STEP analysis or the Mintzberg model. Within the framework of our cooperation, we want to support you in …

  • Anticipate future decisions, because a clear and well thought-out strategy provides clear answers to future questions and helps to significantly shorten decision-making processes.
  • To provide orientation for employees, because orientation is a management tool, as it gives the workforce clarity about the future of the company and the tasks of each individual.
  • To define the use of resources, especially as the best result is to be achieved with the available resources. In this context, the strategy provides the decision-making template for personnel, budget and investment planning.


Many factors, such as socio-cultural or technological factors, to which companies are exposed cannot be influenced but have a direct impact on companies. Companies are thus forced to continuously evaluate these factors in order to adjust decisions and actions as necessary. STEP analysis is a proven means of identifying opportunities for the company and immediately reducing risks.

The Mintzberg Strategy:

The Mintzberg Strategy illustrates seven perspectives that companies should adopt to achieve comprehensive strategic alignment to enable strategic success:

Event analysis

Which path has the company taken so far, which strategies have proven successful and which have not?


Where does the competition stand, which recognizable strategies do the competitors or rivals pursue in the market?

Present analysis

Analysis of the overall market (STEP analysis).


Which different scenarios result from the present analysis for the future development?

Structure analysis

Analysis of the sales and cost data as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company.


What developments are conceivable and what conclusions can be drawn from them for the developments of the company's own strategy?

Strategy implementation

Perspective and monitoring of strategy implementation.

Step 2 Project planning

After developing a suitable strategy for your company and after a thorough analysis & evaluation of existing structures and processes, we support you in defining suitable measures.

The definition of measures can be among others: customer surveys, quality targets, company policy / company philosophy, management reviews etc.

Step 3 Implementation

In the final step, we provide you with significant support in implementing the defined measures. Together with you, we finally evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented measures.

Shewhart Cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)