BEAT DROP – the impulse that leads to success.  

Dr. Timo Krüger reports on his strategy for opening up international markets as a start-up and gives tips on what to bear in mind. His claim to himself: To build the best system in the world, even as a small start-up!


Fiagon AG develops, produces and distributes clinical navigation systems for spine surgery, brain surgery and ENT surgery. Due to the use of a novel disruptive technology, a significant market share has been achieved in more than 42 countries around the world within 10 years. Main competitors are Medtronic, Stryker, Brainlab and Storz. For Fiagon AG we have successfully acted in the area of strategic consulting and business development.
2017 - 2018 Fiagon AG Medical Technologies, Hennigsdorf

As a technology holding company, BCM AG acquires majority and long-term stakes in growth companies in German-speaking countries. Recently, the company has also been planning investments in the medical technology sector. We have successfully acted for BCM AG in the context of a company valuation.

Precision Robotics Ltd. is a startup from Imperial College in London. The company aims to bring surgical robots to the market that are characterized by their compactness. The company was founded in early 2018 and has a location in Hong Kong in addition to its headquarters in London. We have successfully worked for Precision Robotics Ltd. in the area of business development and the new establishment of a process-oriented quality management system.
2019 Precision Robotics Ltd., London (UK)

ATLAS medical technologies GmbH is a young company in Bochum, which emerged from amedo LNS GmbH. The company is active in the development, production and distribution of navigation devices for CT- and MRI-guided interventions. It has developed the 3D-LNS and 4D-LNS systems, which have optimized the workflow in interventional radiology by safely guiding instruments to the puncture site without detours. For ATLAS medical technologies GmbH we are currently active in the area of business development and the restructuring of a process-oriented quality management.
2020 ATLAS medical technologies GmbH, Bochum


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