BEAT DROP – the impulse that leads to success.  

Business Area

Research & Development

BEAT DROP GmbH can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the automotive, aerospace and medical technology sectors. We support your company in a successful and future oriented R&D management and advise you in the following processes:

  • Research & Development
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing

The core processes of R&D, product development and manufacturing ensure the fulfillment and implementation of customer, market and regulatory requirements. They form part of the company’s value creation and bundle the primary activities that are indispensable for the company’s success. In this context, the R&D process ensures all the regulatory processes required in the context of medical device development, from planning to release, including risk management. The product development and manufacturing processes, on the other hand, ensure all procedures required for production planning,
manufacturing, testing and release of medical devices. The parameters of quality, deadlines, economic efficiency, environmental requirements and occupational safety are taken into account. We support you in implementing the above-mentioned processes as part of your development projects. We offer you support and expertise in planning, organizing and designing your R&D processes.

Business Development

Within the framework of a cooperation, we will develop targeted measures for the further development of your company. Among other things, we will identify process errors in your company, re-evaluate marketing opportunities and sales markets, plan and organise the start-up of business and follow-up business, and concretise business models.

Together with you, we will develop suitable and visionary strategies to successfully complete subsequent tasks:

  • Target-oriented further development of your company
  • Elaboration of strategic ideas
  • Development of new markets
  • Identification of new opportunities and potentials
  • Evaluation of future sales opportunities
  • Establishment of promising business relationships
  • Building and managing efficient and effective teams
  • Optimizing the maintenance of customer contacts


BEAT DROP GmbH supports you in evaluating your sales, identifying process failures and brings in years of experience to show you what
perspectives you have for optimizing and transforming your sales.

However, a successful sales strategy also takes into account the employees in the sales department. Together with you, we develop practical workshops, seminars and trainings at short notice, in which we present various sales strategies, sales methods, presentation techniques and sales performances, rhetoric, body language
and mental techniques.
Of course, we also make our networks of dealers and/or distributors available to our customers in order to establish products or services on the market as quickly as possible.


Together with you, we want to identify and leverage digital opportunities for your business. Digitization can contribute to more growth, more efficient processes and a more effective key account. In cooperation with you, we create a digital
business model suitable for your company that is sustainable and economically successful.

Our goals for you:

  • digitalization of sales and consulting processes
  • Effective & cost-efficient marketing
  • Optimization of existing workflows
  • Security of IT infrastructure
  • Sustainability in IT procurement
  • Design of improved standards
  • Shortening of development & service cycles
  • Identification of new business areas
  • Establishment of virtual process organizations

Quality management

An effective QM system must be adapted and tailored to the specific circumstances of the company. BEAT DROP GmbH helps you to establish a suitable QMS according to EN ISO 9001 or EN ISO 13485 or to optimize your existing QMS. We support you in defining, designing and structuring a process landscape and the corresponding processes and procedures. 

Together with you, we check the effectiveness of the new or optinated quality management system through internal audits. Of course, we also support you during certification and accompany you during audits of your notified body.

Our offer for you:

  • Creation of a QM manual or optimization of the existing one
  • Definition of quality policy and quality objectives
  • Creation of a process landscape
  • Identification and documentation of necessary processes and procedures
  • Definition of the interactions of processes
  • Checking the documentation for conformity to standards
  • Redesign of processes to optimize the quality of products and/or services
  • Conducting MOCK audits to ensure all normative and regulatory requirements are met

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